Mission Statement

“We provide services to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional and community leaders.”


2023-2024 Officers and Board of Directors

President – Al Lazar

President Elect-Bill Pfeifer

Vice President- Sean Kunkle

Past President -Shelly Gaffney

Secretary – Bob Bloom

Treasurer – Mark Barnhart


Board of Directors

Yvonne Bloom

Rod Booker

Shelly Gaffney

Gene James

Sean Kunkle

Patty Lonsbary

Marcus Ragland

John Wohlin






Board Member – Yvonne Bloom 

Family Picnic – Yvonne Bloom

Holiday Party – Yvonne Bloom

Rotarian of the Year – Jeff Balzer

Scholarship Dinner – Yvonne Bloom

Public Image & Publicity – Gene James

Website–Sean Kunkle

Email Communications – Bob Bloom

LED Message Center – Gene James/Steve Edson

Facebook Page – Suzanne Printz/Jeff Balzer



Board Member – Rod Booker

Career Assistance Awards – Michele Bononi/Dick McNeel/Rod Booker

Kenneth P. Rutter Scholarship – John Wohlin

Interact Clubs – Mark Barnhart

Bonnie Barnhart Nursing Career Assistance – Nick Silvis



Board Member – 

Annual Spelling Bee – Shelly Gaffney

Dictionary Project – Deborah King

Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Jeff Balzer

Westmoreland County Food Bank – Chuck Anderson

Madeline Nichols Community Grants – John Kline

Highway Cleanup – Steve Edson/Al Lazar

Multiphasic Blood Testing –Shelly Gaffney

Golf Outing – Jeff Balzer/Al Lazar/Jim Graham