A community’s
power to transform itself exists foremost with its residents, who have firsthand knowledge about the most pressing local problems.

Corps Concept

  • No Meetings
  • No Dues
  • No Membership
  • A Desire to Help 



For over a century, Rotarians have 

devoted themselves to improving their 

local and global communities using the 

resources of Rotary International and 

their club members. Rotarians embrace 

the challenges of these humanitarian 

service efforts with compassion and a 

commitment to providing long-term, 

sustainable solutions.

Rotary Community Corps

Service Above Self

The concept of a Rotary Community Corps is very simple for the
Rotary Club of Greensburg. While Rotarians for years have lived with
the motto “Service Above Self”, we realize that there are many others
in our community who also want to serve their community. Membership in the Community Corps is open to any adult over the age of 18 of good moral and ethical standards who is NOT a Rotarian. There are no meetings, there are no dues.

In essence we would like to establish a database of individuals who care about the Greater Greensburg area and who are willing to roll-up their sleeves and get
involved in various projects. Projects could start with already established events where you could join with the Rotary Club to help such as:

March for Parks

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Third Grade Spelling Bee

Annual Golf Outing

In fact it is hoped that the Community Corps will come up
with ideas of projects on their own. After all, YOU KNOW what our
community needs. Perhaps you have interest in a specific area but
don’t know of others who share your passion. The purpose of the
Rotary Community Corps is to bring volunteers together. For
example, if Habitat for Humanity needs help with one of their
projects we can put the word out and hopefully find volunteers to
help. The same would be done for any non-profit seeking assistance
with a project that benefits the Greater Greensburg Community.

Once we establish the database with names, addresses, phone
numbers and email addresses, we will simply email everyone of
upcoming projects. If you are interested in helping great, if you can’t
commit to that project don’t worry there will be others.